You can integrate all of astro.click services to your application. Our DOCS section will help you do it.

Starting Guidelines

To implement reports in your website you must have a valid appid and be a registered partner. If you need one, please contact jc@astro.click.
You can always use our test account which has restricted functionality and results to help you implement cost-free.

Appid: 0, AppSecret: Test

All requests submitted to Astro.click API return JSON data and require an authentication header as follows:

Authorization: Basic (appId:appSecret)
You must convert (AppID:appSecret) to a Base64 string

The flow to request reports is as follows:
  1. If you don´t know which reports are available use Catalogs.getProducts
  2. If you don´t have a userId for your current user then you must create one with Users.doLogin
  3. Before you request a report you must register a Profile with Profiles.saveProfile
  4. To request a new or retrieve an existing Report use Reports.getReport